Fixing Acer Aspire One BIOS Error: Won’t Boot

Fixing Acer Aspire One BIOS Error: Won’t Boot

A problem was shared in a discussion between friends having similar experiences with their Acer Notebooks. One of them who had Acer Aspire One said he was trying to install a Panda Antivirus onto his notebook. At the process of rebooting as the system asked, he found the screen of his notebook suddenly turned black. Trying to turn it on and off was indeed in vain. Even the BIOS would not start. He needed a solution. Another friend who seemed to have had a similar problem came up with a suggestion that the first one should follow:

- First of all, he was supposed to have a USB Flash Drive

- He also had to prepare another computer with internet access

- Finally, he should have a certain file called

He could source the file from Acer site or any other place where the file was available.

Once everything was ready, the first friend still had to do some steps as following:

- He had to format his drive in fat (or fat 32 if didn’t matter) and followed it by opening zip file then copied the 3309.fd and the fla.exe to the USB Flash Drive.

- The next step, he had to rename 3309.fd to ZGIA32.fd

- Then, he could turn off the notebook with both battery and power supply plugged and the USB Flash Drive attached.

- That step was followed by holding down Fn and ESC keys and press the power button at the same time. The press on Fn and ESC keys should be continued for 7-10 seconds and was, then, released. He should see the power light blinking at this point while the screen was still black.

- To initiate a BIOS update, he had to press the power button once again while it was blinking. But, he was not allowed to press anything after that.

As the last step finished, the Acer Aspire One would restart automatically within a minutes. He should wait for about 7 minutes for the process. If the reboot failed, it should be done manually.

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